This course provides students with a solid understanding of the key theoretical frameworks of innovation management. Designing and commercializing new products and services has become one of the cornerstones of modern management. The course reviews some of the key conceptual models that clarify the various challenges associated with technological innovation and explains how managers can cope with these challenges by developing critical management skills.

The course utilizes a mixture of plenary lectures, independent reading, and team assignments. The readings are drawn from a recent innovation management textbook that provides a comprehensive overview of the key theoretical concepts in innovation and technology management, linking them to a range of real-world business cases. The team assignments utilize an online platform that simulates strategic innovation in a hypothetical company. Through the simulation game, students gain a further opportunity to clarify, extend, and test their knowledge. The key learning objectives are:

  • to develop a solid understanding of the theoretical principles underlying the strategic management of innovation and technology in a modern business enterprise;
  • to develop the ability to apply the theoretical concepts and tools to real-world business cases and to identify the best solutions to real-world business problems;
  • to develop effective skills in searching for, and making use of, publicly available information on companies, technologies, and industries;
  • to develop further skills in collaboration and teamwork

Course Title

Innovation and Technology Management for IBA, 30J304

Main Reading

David Smith, Exploring Innovation, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, 2010.Read More


This course is offered to IBA students only. The course is not available to other programs.

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