Strategic management forms an integral part of everyday business life. This is true for all types of companies – regardless of whether they are large or small, or produce goods or services.

This course offers a mixture of plenary lectures and small-group tutorials based on team presentations and written assignments. The lectures are designed to introduce the key theoretical concepts and empirical findings of strategic management. Examples of the topics discussed in the lectures include:

  • competitive strategy
  • industry analysis
  • business-level strategy
  • corporate-level strategy
  • technology and innovation strategy
  • strategy implementation

The tutorials provide a further opportunity to clarify, integrate, and apply the theoretical concepts from the lectures and the book to a range of real-world business cases.

Course Title

Strategic Management for IBA, 30J207

Main Reading

Robert M. Grant, Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 7th Edition, John Wiley & Sons, 2010.Read More


This course is offered to IBA students only. The course is not available to other programs.

Upcoming Lectures

This section lists my upcoming lectures only. For information on other lectures in this course, see the detailed schedule on the Electronic Study Guide or Blackboard.

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