Adam Tatarynowicz, Maxim Sytch, Ranjay Gulati

This study investigates the origins of variation in the structures of global interorganizational networks across industries. We combine empirical analyses of existing interorganizational networks with an agent-based simulation model of network emergence. Our insights are twofold. First, we find that differences in technological dynamism across industries […]

Network Communities

Maxim Sytch, Adam Tatarynowicz

Departing from prior research on the implications of social structure for actors’ outcomes, which has applied either the ego-network or the global-network perspective, this study examines the implications of network communities for the invention productivity of firms. Network communities represent dense and non-overlapping structural groups of actors in the social […]

Friends and Foes

Maxim Sytch, Adam Tatarynowicz

This paper investigates to what extent the principles of structural balance drive the formation of a dual social structure that encompasses collaboration and conflict among corporate actors. Our findings are threefold. First, we find that existing collaborative or conflictual relationships between two companies perpetuate future relationships of the same type, […]